Welcome to Badgers Club Baseball!

Recently, we have realized that in order for our program to grow and be more well-known, we need to continue to make improvements to our organization.

As you may have noticed – whether you ended up here from Facebook, Twitter, or found us through Google – we have invested in upgrades to our team’s website.

The website is the most noticeable step that our club is taking going forward, but the upgrade will not be the last step taken over the coming months.

We do not have control over whether the University of Wisconsin decides to install a Varsity baseball team, but we can and will take steps to make sure people know baseball associated with this campus is alive and well.

While we don’t recruit and can’t offer scholarships, there is still baseball on campus and the improved website further proves that this club is both legitimate and stable — just as the past decade and a half of success on the diamond have proven.

In short, we hope the website is able to keep people informed and involved with our progress throughout the season, as well as attract a crowd that didn’t know we existed.

Baseball is still a piece of the campus that graduated the recently retired Commissioner of the MLB, Bud Selig, as well as Hall of Fame pitcher Addie Joss.

Despite having a rich history in the community, a handful of players still miss out on the opportunity to play for the team because they were unaware that the season began within the first two weeks of the Fall Semester.

Which is why we have our sights set on more exposure. Our thought process is simple, the more exposure we have, the less talented players will leak through the cracks. The less our campus has talented players  leak through the cracks, the better our organization becomes.

Better players can come in the form of past UW Graduate School student Russell Wilson—who was won over by the football team instead of playing for us on the baseball diamond—or in the form of players who didn’t realize what Club Baseball was all about.

Wilson jokes aside, this ball club is proud to have offered an opportunity for future Brewers’ player Vinny Rottino, future Disciple of Uecker columnist Jack Moore, as well as countless other student-athletes who weren’t ready for the sun to set on their baseball careers.

Club Baseball is a proud and well-respected organization that helps student-athletes stay competitive while continuing to pursue an education at a first-rate institution.

We hope you are as excited as we are about our near future and the continued strides that we are taking.

On Wisconsin!