Senior Spotlight: JJ Lamb

Next up for this edition of Senior Spotlight is future club baseball president and speed demon JJ Lamb.

Position: C, OF, Pinch Running Specialist

Hometown: Maplewood, MN

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Nickname: Calls himself “The Great Lambino”

Favorite Team: Twins

Baseball Movie: Moneyball

Club Service: 4 years

Notable Stats: Leads team in pinch running appearances over the last 4 years

Favorite Club Ball Memory: The time I finally got to pitch for Northern Michigan against Illinois St.

Favorite thing about club ball: The road trips/away games

Career Goals/Dream Job: I’m still holding out hope the Twins will sign me. Otherwise, I think this engineering thing will work out ok.

Quote: “Never Bunt” – written on my glove

Senior Spotlight: James Oelke

With only one week away from our first games of the spring, its time for another Senior Spotlight.

This time its one of our 5th year flamethrowers James Oelke who looks to have a big year off the mound.

Position: Pitcher

Hometown: Ithaca, WI

Major: Biological Systems Engineering

Nicknames: Jim, Jimmer, Jimbo

Favorite Baseball Team: Milwaukee Brewers

Favorite Baseball Movie: The Rookie

Years of Club Ball Service: 5

Favorite Club Baseball Memory: Clinching a 2018 World Series birth.

Favorite Thing about Club Baseball: Having the opportunity to continue playing the game of baseball after high school and meeting some lifelong friends in the process.

Dream Job: Retired and coaching high school baseball

Baseball Quote: “Baseball is 90 percent mental. The other half is physical.” – Yogi Berra

Senior Spotlight: Alexis Quintero

Get to know one of our D2 studs, Alexis Quintero in this version of Senior Spotlight.

Position: SS/2B

Hometown: Mexico City, Mexico

Major: Industrial Engineering

Nickname: Q, Qdoba, Qbert, Qtip, Qbaby

Favorite Baseball Team: Milwaukee Brewers

Favorite Baseball Movie: Sandlot

Years of Club Ball Service: 4 years

Notable Stats: 21 stolen bases sophomore year

Favorite Club Baseball Memory: Hitting in the game tying run in Florida against Missouri in the bottom of the 7th

Favorite Thing About Club Baseball: Being able to send it with all the baseball boys

Career Goals/Dream Job: COO of Tesla

Quote: “No” -Rosa Parks