Senior Spotlight: JJ Lamb

Next up for this edition of Senior Spotlight is future club baseball president and speed demon JJ Lamb.

Position: C, OF, Pinch Running Specialist

Hometown: Maplewood, MN

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Nickname: Calls himself “The Great Lambino”

Favorite Team: Twins

Baseball Movie: Moneyball

Club Service: 4 years

Notable Stats: Leads team in pinch running appearances over the last 4 years

Favorite Club Ball Memory: The time I finally got to pitch for Northern Michigan against Illinois St.

Favorite thing about club ball: The road trips/away games

Career Goals/Dream Job: I’m still holding out hope the Twins will sign me. Otherwise, I think this engineering thing will work out ok.

Quote: “Never Bunt” – written on my glove