Senior Spotlight: Nick Iacovo

Another day, another senior! Today we look back on the career of one of our D1 players who lived in Minnesota, moved to Arizona, and then decided that he didn’t like being warm, so he came back to Wisconsin! Here is the Avocado himself, Nick Iacovo!

Postion: CF/RF

Hometown: Scottsdale, Arizona 

Major: Statistics 

Nickname: Avocado 

Favorite Baseball Team: Minnesota Twins 

Favorite Baseball Movie: Sandlot 

Time on Team: 2.5 seasons

Favorite Club Memories: Went yard in first club at bat ever and had a game saving diving catch against Northwestern in 2018

Favorite thing about Club Baseball: Getting the play the game I grew up playing in college with fun guys who make it worth the late night practices 

Quote: Non sibi sed patriae (not self but country) -U.S Navy Motto 

What’s Next? U.S Navy Flight Training in Pensacola, Florida with the goal of becoming an F/A-18F pilot

Iacovo taking a swing during a home game at the Turf Field at Near West