Become a Member!

Becoming a Member: If you are interested in trying out for our club, the sign up process is simple.

1) Use your WISC account to log into

2) Click Organizations and search Club Baseball

3) Click on the Forms tab on the right side of the page

4) Fill out the Membership Consent Form and the Supplemental Health Waiver

5) Once you have done this, you can join our email chain by signing up for the google group at this link:

6) And once you’re done with everything on this list, please e-mail club president Jake Gain to let him know you are signed up. ( or

If you have any problems signing up, or any questions that weren’t covered here, do not hesitate to email Bobby Ehrlich at ( and cc ( as well as head coach Jeff Block (

When you say Wisconsin… You’ve said it all!

Location of Near West Field: