Senior Spotlight: Karson Krueger

Batting today for the Wisconsin seniors is one of it’s finest hitters. Karson Krueger was a player known for swinging a really long bat, hitting baseballs super far, and having some of the greatest “scoops” over at first base.

Position: STRICTLY 1B

Hometown: Appleton, WI

Major: Finance & Risk Management

Nickname: Kruegerbomb

Favorite Baseball Team: Milwaukee Brewers

Baseball movie: Moneyball

Years on club team: 3 years

Notable Stats: Hit .429 with 3 Home Runs and was selected as a First-Team All American during the 2019 season. Also has 5 career stolen bases (“Kid’s got speed” – No scout ever)

Favorite Club Memory: Clinching a World Series birth after beating Ohio State and hitting a walk-off against Mizzou during Spring Break

Favorite thing about club ball: Having the opportunity to continue playing the game of baseball while making a great new group of friends along the way

Quote: “Yeah, you definitely should have made the team your freshman year” – Bobby (Former Club Baseball President)

What’s next for you? I will be starting as a Project Manager at Epic in June!

Thank you, Karson!

Karson playing the only position he’s allowed to: 1B during the 2019 D2 World Series

Senior Spotlight: Ryan Gassner

We’re going to keep on, keeping on as we run down our seniors. Today we’re going to look at one of those weirdos who throws with his left hand. He loves to live the luxurious life of a PO and has a curveball that will make hitters wish they could too. Here we go, Ryan Gassner.

Position: Pitcher

Hometown: Marathon, WI

Major: Biology

Nickname: Gas

Favorite Team: Brewers

Favorite Baseball Movie: Sandlot

Time on team: 3 years

Notable Stats: During his first season, he had an ERA of 1.15 with 39 innings pitched and a K/9 of 15!

Favorite Club Memory: Winning our regional during my first season with the club and advancing to the World Series.

Favorite thing about Club Ball: The friendships I’ve made

Quote: “Hold on one second Nolan I need to finish stretching” (Context: Nolan is notorious for not stretching)

What’s next: Medical School

Club baseball’s version of Sandy Koufax on the mound at a home game at Near West.

Senior Spotlight: Nick Iacovo

Another day, another senior! Today we look back on the career of one of our D1 players who lived in Minnesota, moved to Arizona, and then decided that he didn’t like being warm, so he came back to Wisconsin! Here is the Avocado himself, Nick Iacovo!

Postion: CF/RF

Hometown: Scottsdale, Arizona 

Major: Statistics 

Nickname: Avocado 

Favorite Baseball Team: Minnesota Twins 

Favorite Baseball Movie: Sandlot 

Time on Team: 2.5 seasons

Favorite Club Memories: Went yard in first club at bat ever and had a game saving diving catch against Northwestern in 2018

Favorite thing about Club Baseball: Getting the play the game I grew up playing in college with fun guys who make it worth the late night practices 

Quote: Non sibi sed patriae (not self but country) -U.S Navy Motto 

What’s Next? U.S Navy Flight Training in Pensacola, Florida with the goal of becoming an F/A-18F pilot

Iacovo taking a swing during a home game at the Turf Field at Near West

Senior Spotlight: Ryan Molini

In the wake of the 2020 Spring season being cancelled, it’s time to look back at some of the contributions our seniors have given us over the last few years. Who better to start it off than one of the most dominant starters in UW history? Hats off to Ryan Molini!

Position: Right-handed Pitcher
Hometown: Mt. Prospect, IL
Major: Film and Psychology
Nickname: Mo
Favorite baseball team: Chicago White Sox
Baseball movie: Sandlot
Years on team: 4
Notable stats: First-Team All American w/ a 0.94 ERA and losing 1 total game in his career. In Ryan’s words, “I also broke my thumb in the first inning of that game freshmen year lol.”
Favorite club memory: Taking 3rd in the nation in 2019
Favorite thing about club ball: The guys I’ve met.
Quote: “All gas, no brakes.”
What’s next for you? Grad school or a podcasting job

Best of luck Ryan!

Molini throws a pitch during the 2019 NCBA D2 World Series