Senior Spotlight: Ryan Gassner

We’re going to keep on, keeping on as we run down our seniors. Today we’re going to look at one of those weirdos who throws with his left hand. He loves to live the luxurious life of a PO and has a curveball that will make hitters wish they could too. Here we go, Ryan Gassner.

Position: Pitcher

Hometown: Marathon, WI

Major: Biology

Nickname: Gas

Favorite Team: Brewers

Favorite Baseball Movie: Sandlot

Time on team: 3 years

Notable Stats: During his first season, he had an ERA of 1.15 with 39 innings pitched and a K/9 of 15!

Favorite Club Memory: Winning our regional during my first season with the club and advancing to the World Series.

Favorite thing about Club Ball: The friendships I’ve made

Quote: “Hold on one second Nolan I need to finish stretching” (Context: Nolan is notorious for not stretching)

What’s next: Medical School

Club baseball’s version of Sandy Koufax on the mound at a home game at Near West.